Dealing with Conflict Products

This simple and easy to use program provides assessments, training and resources so participants learn the positive uses of each style and the most appropriate conflict style to use in any specific situation. Training can range from 2 hours to a full day. There are no costly or time consuming certifications or use


The Dealing with Conflict Assessment is similar in style to the Thomas Kilmann conflict mode instrument. Easy to use and clearly written, the assessment can be quickly taken online or in paper booklets. The assessment helps participants understand the different conflict styles and their own natural style tendencies.

Facilitator Guide & Video

The Facilitator Guide includes experiential learning activities and discussions while the modular format enables trainers to easily modify or exclude content as preferred.

The additional training video provides real life video examples of conflict situations in order to help participants effectively learn how to identify and apply different conflict resolution strategies.

An extensive Power Point
slideshow with embedded video makes training a breeze. Simply play the video and then facilitate the
exercise-It is that simple

Participant Guide

The companion Participant Guide includes all the exercises and worksheets to seamlessly follow the workshop outlined in the Facilitator Guide. The Participant Guide helps complete the assessment and follows the Facilitator Guide to teach critical conflict resolutions skills through key summary information, exercises, worksheets and activities.

Purchase Options

Items may be purchased individually or in an unlimited use license for one low price for your entire organization. To learn more about an unlimited use conflict license or to inquire about our Train More for Less License please contact one of our representatives and they will be happy to help you.

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